48G Series - Are there two different screens?


I have owned a 48GX for a few years now and love it...well, except for the display, which is very difficult to see in my opinion. There doesn't seem to be a contrast setting that can make it "just right." It's either washed out or bled over. Anyway, I seem to recall some mention of "newer" 48's having a better, higher resolution (maybe even a different color) screen. Is this true? If so, are the newer screens worth upgrading to? Is there a way to determine whether it has one of these good screens by looking at the serial number? My current 48GX was made in Singapore and has outstanding build quality and keyboard feel. I hate the thought of having to move to an Indonesian model to get the better screen because my perception is that the Indonesian units may not measure up to the same build quality. Thoughts?


Hi, Barry;

yes, it is a fact. I own two HP48G+, each with a different LCD. One is a "classic" blue-dots over pale-green background. The new one has black-dots over light-gray background, the same one found in the HP49G. And if I am not wrong, only the 48G units from Indonesia have this sort of LCD. BTW, the black-dot LCD is a lot easier to read.

I hope this is the information you want.




Please take a look into hpmuseum archive 14,

there are some threads about the different screens.

I also set up an article with links to pictures of GXs

with THREE different screens.

I don't have the article number handy here,

please do a search for s.t. like black & white, high contrast,

SpeedUp, etc...

Conclusion: The Indonesian units have painted keys,

but a much better display contrast,

at least from a specific batch on.

IMHO the display is definitely worth a consideration,

as the key feel is ok.



Here are the related links:



This one is an article which has links to the photos.

I think the photos should make your decision rather easy:




Thanks a bunch, guys, for the info. The photos in the links were a great help. The black and white display is significantly better it seems.

Now I'm confused about which display I actually have. Your post showed THREE displays. Other than the newer black and white, there was a GX Rev M with a so-so blue/green display (I think this is what I have) and a GX Rev L with a comparably terrible blue SX screen. I'll have to check out my GX when I get home to see which model it is, but I'm guessing it's the blue/green one.

If the keyboard feel is just as good (or nearly so), I must say I am tempted to go out and find one of the better displays. Does anyone know what batch/serial number the good displays start at?


It's a catch 22. The newer black screen machines have the printed keys. The good keyboards have the blue screens.

Actually, only the VERY early Singapore GX's had the bad SX style screen. They fixed that by sometime in late 93 or 1994. I could refine that a bit if it helps but suffice it to say that if the unit has the dull, non-glossy finish aluminum keyboard surround, you've got at least a 50-50 chance of having an SX style low contrast more easily broken screen.

Raymond's photos shows two early GX, one with the early dull plate and SX display (center unit) and the later glossy plate with better display (left unit). I can't make out the serial number of the left side unit but that would help narrow down the change over date.

AFAIK the black screens started appearing in 2001. I have one that starts with ID121 - anybody have an earlier black screen version?

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Don't be too dissapointed to get a machine w/ painted labels and the blue/greeen display. I've got such a unit and while others may think I'm bitten here, I still find it to be a great machine. You can feel the paint at your fingertips, no doubt my old 32SII with glossy and plain keytops feel a lot better, but that doesn't really hurt. About the green display, I've always thought I got on with the 'good' display since it is actually very readable. The newer one might be better but the old one is not that bad.



I have the GX version P and the display is not great but bearable. I have the SX version C made in USA and the screen is terible.

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