Is Square Trade a scam?


I have been looking at the small print that describe the "protection" offered by square trade, and it looks totally bogus.

E.g. a trader may be a member of square trade and display its "seal of approval" on the auction listing, but the specific auction may not be covered
by square trade (no explanation is given or any rules provided to determine coverage -- i.e. appears to be arbitrary).

They also say that they can look into a complaint but they are not obliged to take action: The SquareTrade Dispute Resolution service does not
guarantee a settlement.

Sounds like vapour to me.

The real question though is whether SquareTrade is a cover for scams (i.e. you get the "30 day free trial" and then you scam people knowing that
the "dispute resolution" is totally bogus).



I would call it a joke, not a scam as I'm sure there are isolated cases where they mediate some form of settlement.

Realistically, any "service" that takes your money with no promise of any return is bad purchase. Save that money for the stock market, you've a better chance there.

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