HP41C -> RAW -> HP42S


Hello all!

Anybody here who has a _complete list_ of incompatibleness? TIA




A couple of months back either in this forum or on a newsgroup, there was a discussion about 41C RAW files and using them in Emu42. If I remember things correctly, you could use the 41C RAW files in Emu42 with little to no modifications. If the function names were identical Emu42 would read and run it. Some editing had to be done of functions that spelling changed. Example, return the fractional part of a number to the X-Register, HP41C (FRC) HP42S (FP). As long as it was a function original to the 41C/CV and the spelling had not changed from the 41C to the 42S the 41C RAW file should work.


Thank you for your replay, I'll scann through the forum. Do you remember what newsgroup?



The Emu42 Manual has information in the Load Object and Save Object sections that discusses some of the RAW file usage. Also check comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup.


Thank you very much for that hint. Seems there is more than MoHP's forum.


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