Q: CASrelease w/o LGPL license


Bernard Parisse offers his CAS for the HP49G but states clearly: Warning, the file casrelease.zip is not released under the LGPL license and may not be redistributed as is.

Now a colleague from work wants this ROM on his real HP49G. Is it a violation of the a. m. license if I hand over the binaries from "my" compilation run (I had to use 'make clean' on cygwin)? Are there any other reasons _not_ to transfer that "Version HP49-C, Revision #1.24" to a *real* machine? Well, I could take Christoph G. at his word: if it works in Emu48 it works on a real machine too. (Or was it negatived: what's _not_ possible in Emu48 is _not_ possible on the calculator either. -1 -1 * = 1, anyhow.)

I ask as it's not my own HP49G, it's the first time I flash an HP49G ROM, and I know nothing more than from http://www.hpcalc.org/hp49/pc/rom.

Every hint is appreciated. TIA.

Ciao.....Mike (with a sligth shiver)


I do not see anything in the license terms that prevents your colleague from:

  1. obtaining a copy of the CASRelease files (either by download or unmodified from you)
  2. Agreeing to the licence terms therein
  3. Contracting you to compile and install the ROM in his calculator on his behalf.
    This contract may be formally for money or informally for a favour/goodwill.


Thank you for your analyse. I am not a attorney at law and as such my english is no good in this subject. <G>


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