Updated HP-41 module list


Hi, it´s me again. About three weeks I published a new module list for HP-41 modules. After this I got many feedbacks from some of you. Thanks a lot, you are doing a great job for the community here by sending me informations and bugfixes.
Now the real update is finished, so let´s call the other as a pre-release. You can download the new one here:




Hi Matthias!

I hope you don't mind if I found at least one little negligibleness. My MCode compilation version 1A displays "-MCODE 1A" in CAT 2, not "MF1A" as shown in your list. The later is the ID of the ROM reported by the Service Module's check function.

BTW, be warned to use the function "AA" of my ROM, IIRC I used it to migrate all HP41 ROMs using an HP-71B as printer. I did that by jumping behind the "correct printer in trace mode"-check of the ZENROM's disassembly routine. W/o the correct module in place "AA" will do nothing useful (MEMORY LOST is quite possible). So be warned or use an HP41-emulator with all appropriate safety measures.

But if you like to impress others, you may run "XX" to just display the "G" of the RAD/GRAD annunciator. <G>


Sorry, I can't remember if I copied that one or did it on my own:

B800 098 X
B801 018 X
B802 000 NOP
B803 000 NOP
B804 130 LDI
B805 010 CON 16
B806 270 RAMSLCT
B807 130 LDI
B808 0FD CON 253
B80A 130 LDI
B80B 200 CON 512
B80F 04E C=0 ALL
B810 2A6 C=-C-1 X
B811 266 C=C-1 X
B812 3FB JNC -01 B811
B813 3E0 RTN

Edited: 19 Oct 2004, 4:46 a.m.


I hope you don't mind me disturbing again: Your list shows only one "Skwid Ink BarCode" ROM, but there are two versions. Alas I have only one of them.



SO, please let me know your details of the other version and I will ad it in a new release...


From your list I can't see which version you own. Mine has the "BC41" as ID (what is displayed with the service module, you know) and '206'x as checksum and 22 entries in the FAT. My information about the existence of the second version is just from the manual or an addendum of it, that you may exchange the module at EduCalc (IIRC). The second version was for an other printer and as such much faster.

Now, my question to all: who has more details? Who knows the copyright owner of the a. m. module? Who may help some collectors of HP41 ROMs? For me an image would be OK.


PS: You know how to make an image?


Hi Matthias,

I find your list as a handy instrument to keep track on ROM/images collection, so I use a hardcopy quite often.

If I can make a suggestion I'd like to have the header rows from the first page reproduced on every page. I think it will be useful as reference for the colums.

Keep up the good job.




I second Diego's request, and would also suggest that you reduce the size of your "logo" on the top. (real state matters!)


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