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Hi all,
I got a well working HP9825 from Ebay. It contains GPIB and a BCD-Interface. The Printer is in a good condintion also. Looks like the computer is running well. But there is one problem (the same for all of these machines). The gummi-wheels for the cartrige-drive are gone. I have tried to get the approbriate O-Rings here in Germany, but I have not found a reseller. Is anyone in the states willing to send an amount of O-Rings to me so I am able to repair the drive (details for the O-Rings are given in the repair-section of HPMOC)?
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To the best of my knowledge the 9825 tape drive is very similar to the HP-85 tape drive.

I have repaired quite a few capstans for HP-85 and 9915A/B drives without ever using o-rings.

Have a look at
for some notes and pictures of the HP-85 repair.


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