My nucleonic, electronic, and supersonic PC is too modern and won't run LIFUTIL in a WindowsXP command prompt window. I installed LIFUTIL on an HP-110+ successfully but the software doesn't run, it appears as though the display is hung up. Did HP produce a special version of LIFUTIL for the HP-110+ or does anyone know of a version of LIFUTIL that will run on the HP-110+ ? Thanks for the help.

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John Pierce


hi my mind that all translation pgms on hpil are made up for
pocket little calculators like 48 34 67 and ..bla bla
but not for hp ms dos COMPUTERS like series100 200 9000 etc
so all supposition of compatibility with .... is not not
right or not?


For the HP9000 series computers, no conversion was necessary,

because they used LIF format for diskette media.

IIRC, HP Vectra PCs, and maybe the older Series 100 machines like the HP-150,

had a conversion utility (LIFUTIL..) shipped with the OS (CP/M or DOS).

For the other calculators which are not capable of HP-IL,

and which cannot make use of files on LIF media,

there are no conversion utilities.



hi raymond many of your infos are useful...
do you know the structure of the lif format?
or perhaps the old dif format translator?
i have some info else where.looking...


Hi Chris,

the LIF structure is explained in some articles

in the articles section of the hpmuseum,

and to a certain extent, in the HP-IL module,

Extended IO module, or 9114 disc drive manual.

Keywords for the hpmuseum articles: Tony Duell, Christoph Klug, ...

There's a chance that you'll find additional info on




hi i just found an address for you look into google
you know ? type why because the searching aer is not the same like another .de or .sp or or an because if
you type 9114a 0r 9114b 9114a you receive different answers

ok type type then hp 9114a 9114b and search one
man who speak about hpil and and ... one of them tell you
the all hp serie 100 story the right one and not hpil
test with 5 accessories and 3 different soft and time and
money waste..... I had the original hp service manual from
theserie 100 look for example the 9 pin connector...the exhaustly righr list of compatible parts this guy IS a
strong strong professional. chris

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