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I've an HP-41C, that was purchased in my Freshman year in engineering school. It's OLD...but, but I've grown a bit attached to it (got me through 4 years of engineering school...and now through almost 20 years of work and
kids). Still works great, and I know the system backwards and forwards.

Question: Over the past few months, the "flag" feature of the calculator has not been correct. Specifically, flags higher than 30 (31 through 55)are shown as "non-existant". Flags 00 through 30 are fine. What could be the problem, and how do I get it fixed? The calculator was purchased in December of 1983....so realize it's a bit of a "classic". Would appreciate any help that you could offer.


Hi David:
You are probably trying to set or clear one of these flags???

Try testing one (31-55) manually with a FS? test--you should see "YES" or "NO" displayed.

Flags above 30 are considered "system" flags and "test only". They are changed only by the 41-OS. (Actually there ARE synthetic means to change them).

Hope this helps.


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