Copying a ROM to HePax Ram without HP-IL - how?


Say I have a rom plugged into my 41CX and I want to copy it to a 4k page of the RAM in the HePAX.

How can this be done? Without HP-IL?

There seems to be a way if you can get the ROM onto HP-IL storage using the Hepax instructions, but is there a way to do it without having to use HP-IL as a medium?

Any ideas? I have plenty of RAM room and would love to copy over the CCD-OSX rom into one of the ram pages of my NoVRAM Hepax module and leave the remaining 2 pages free for other rom goodies.


Hi Gene,

You must use the COPYROM command, please see details on HEPAX manual vol.1 page 66.

Please note that 4K ROM's can be copied into an even or odd page, but you should keep Lower (even) and Upper (odd) page order when copying 8K ROM's, otherwise addressing problems are likely to arise.

Best regards.


Edited: 8 Oct 2004, 1:25 p.m.


Let me borrow this tread and ask a complementary question. How can I copy a ROM image with HPIL to a simulated mass storage via TRANS41 from one of the HEPAX RAM pages. I do not have a real HP mass storage but TRANS41 said it simulates the tape drive through HPSIDE1.PAK (LIF) file. I copied a 4K ROM (CCD OS/X) image to HEPAX RAM, connected to PC through HPIL and 82973A card and executed HEPAX command WRTROM. Everything seems to goes fine and HPSIDE1.PAK file contains one file called NAME. Now, hp41uc can convert LIF to BIN but it says that NAME can't be found.

I am not quite sure what happened and what would be a proper workflow to get a copy of ROM image to PC without going into HEXEDIT (or similar ZENROM function) and listing the MCODE to TRANS41 that can be captured and later recompiling it.



Dear Miki,

please refer to HP-Museum article forum item 488 . "Uploading ROMs for HP41...." This document describes nearly anything about uploading ROMs...

Best regards - Christoph Klug

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