New emulation on PIC


Hello HP-community!

Running the HP-41 emulation on a PIC16f877 might soon come true. I succeedes in porting Eric´s nsim to the PIC. A keyboard and standard dot-matrix lcd serve for input and output, a RS-232 is also included. I am currently uploading the microcode via RS-232. The Program memory consists of 2 eeproms 24LC128, and the ram consists of 3 24LC128. Therefore the question:
since the eeproms are slow and have about 1000000 write cycles, what would you want first: a static ram or support for additional modules?
(I am currently using my good old PIC16f877, but I just need 12 of its 33 I/O Pins, so I will downgrade).
Once I have tested all, I will release the source code and hex files.

Greetings, Klaus

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