HP 12c Manual Revisions


Hi all 12c collectors ;-|

As Luiz and Randy have pointed out in the past, there are many different internal revisions to the 12c hardware.

I have also noticed that there are a number of revisions to the Manuals, too.

Does anyone know of a compilation of this information?

The manual revisions are also of more general interest across all HP calculators---For instance, to make sure that a particular unit in a collection, has the manual appropriate to its serial number.

I know this is rather arcane minutiae---yet I suppose we are bound to move in this direction as we dig ever deeper in to the art of "collecting" rather than merely using these machines.

Best regards,

Bill Platt

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Hi, Bill;

I mostly agree with your concerns because of the fact that the HP12C has been under production for such a long time. And you started the test with a "Hi all 12C collectors!", and for a collector, you pointed out a very important issue.

I have at least four HP12C prints: two in English and two in Portuguese, but they are not with me now. Late, when I'm home, I'm posting their related information, O.K.? Maybe we can track them down.

I guess in how many languages is this manual available...


Luiz (Brazil)


Since there is interest, here are the revisions of my 12C manuals:

Owners Handbook 00012-90001

Rev. F English USA 5/84 Book bound

Rev. H English Canada 4/86 Spiral bound (poor quality paper)

Edition 1 English Canada 7/87 Spiral bound

Solutions Handbook 00012-90009

Rev. D English USA 10/84 Spiral bound

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