Charger for 67


Which HP charger does the 67 use. What are the specs if I were to use third party?
Thanks in advance, Mike


The 67 uses the same chargers as all of the "classic" models (35, 45, 55, 65, 70, 80), although it is electronically a woodstock. In any case, they are listed here.

These chargers produce two output voltages: regulated 4.5 Volts to power the calculator electronics, and one unregulated that varies as required, used to charge the batteries in the calculator. If you look at the place where the charger connects on the back of your calculator, the center contact is common. The outer two contacts are bridged by a springy contact that connects them together when no charger plug is inserted. When you insert the charger plug, it pushes the contact away and disconnects the outer two contacts. It then supplies the regulated 4.5 Volts between the center and right contacts, and the variable charging voltage between the center and left contacts. (left and right as viewed from the back of the calculator.) I doubt that you will find a third party device that will have this combination, let alone the proper connector to actually plug into the calculator. Your best bet would probably be to get a power supply that can give you regulated 4.5 volts and just clip it to the contacts in the battery compartment.

E-mail or post if you have any questions.

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I must have over looked it before.

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