how does an ultrasonic cleaner works with calculators Randy


that's my question, does it uses water or alcohol. I'm looking on google, but no great conclusions.


I use distilled water in mine. Alcohol can cloud the plastic display window. Generally you want to do three cycles with fresh water each time. Shake as much water out of the machine as possible. I have also used a little Kodak PhotoFlo wetting agent in the last bath, but if your water is clean you should not be getting water spots with just plain water.


I cleaned the keyboard on a 41 with an ultrasonic
cleaner using water, then squirted ethyl alcohol
on it to drive out the water, worked fine. When I
did the same thing on a 25, however, a white residue
appeared on the side with the keys, which I don't
seem to be able to remove without removing the
painted legends. I'm not entirely sure when the
disaster occured, but I tend to believe it was when I
squirted the alcohol on it.



P.S. The displays were kept away from both the water
and the alcohol in both the success and the disaster.



Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.

Using alcohol in an ultrasonic cleaner creates an explosive atmosphere.

Distilled water is good for the final pass, but I would start with one of the citrus based electronic cleaners designed for ultrasonic use and you'll get a better result.

The clear coatings on classics, woodstocks and topcats will turn white if you leave it in any cleaning solution too long. Use Armor All or Novus #1 polish to reduce the clouding.

Edited: 6 Oct 2004, 5:33 p.m.


Armor All makes your keyboard stains less rotten. I spray a very small amount on a small piece of folded paper towel and wipe between the keys. Then wipe it all off with another piece of paper towel. Change the towel often.

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