Hard Leather Case for hp 48 series


Hi; Does anyone know who still makes or sells hard leather field cases for the hp 48 series line? There was a survey sales company that used to, but I don't see it listed there anymore. I had a nice one made by Bolen leather products who went out of business a few years back, but it was pilfered out of my office a couple of weeks ago. I crawl through large banks of boiler tubes in power plants and the hard case is a must for that situation. Any leads would be greatly appreciated and rewarded, I came accross an original brochure for the hp 42S and will send it to a collector who first gives a lead on the cases. Thanks, Bill



Lo Ink Specialties still shows that they carry them in their fall/winter 2004 catalog. website is www.loink.com. Page 15 of the catalog, Item 293, $49.95. You might also check calcpro.com as well.


I use a case made by Ripoffs
Seem to be waterproof also. It's definitely not as hard as the leather cases but they are padded, and most important, I don't need to take out my belt to remove the case.


I have a Bolen S3048 which I assume is meant for the 48 series. It came with 41-cv stuff I bought - will hold a 41 w/ or w/o a card reader -- OR more to the point, HOLDS MY 48G PERFECTLY.

It is in excellent shape, if you want pictures, email me.


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