Responses to sale ad - hmmm


I posted a calculator for sale, and so far I have 2 customers who would like to buy it. The first plans to send me a $4000 check from Canada and have me refund the $3750 difference. The second plans to have a colage (I think that means colleague) send me a $3000 check from Germany, at which time I am supposed to deduct the $250 selling price plus another $50 for my trouble, and refund the difference via Western Union.

Hmmm - it is so difficult to decide which of these generous offers to accept. Perhaps I should simply post my bank account numbers somewhere and allow them to carry out the transactions in a way that would take all of the load off of me - that would really simplify things.

Don (born at night, but not LAST night) Davis


I think either of the above transactions would be fine as is. Just tell the buyer you will wait for the standard ten years for the check to clear.


I like the thought. Maybe I could suggest that they use Western Union Bidpay to send me the $3000, since that is their preferred method for the refund!


Perhaps you could put these two customers in contact with each other so that they could do business with each other. That ought to be entertaining.


There's a franch saying that I'll translate litterally : wolves don't eat each other...


King Solomon said "Who will embrace fire and will not be burned?". I'd stay away from those crooks and not even respond to them.


Have both of them send you the check! Insist on this being an urgent matter, they have to send it as express letter.
They have to pay for the postage - you will have something nice to frame :)


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