HP 16-like calculator for J2ME phones and other computers


I have updated my RPN calculator for J2ME phones. There are now two versions: Stak, a simple calculator, and Stak16, a programmer's calculator with the integer functions of the HP 16c and full IEEE 854 arithmetic. Stak16 also has a user-definable keyboard like the HP 41. It does not have any scientific functions, and still lacks a manual.

The PC version has two keyboard layouts, the phone keyboard (3 cols * 7 rows) and a voyager style keyboard. The voyager keyboard is mapped to the number row and the letter rows on the PC keyboard. The PC versions can be downloaded as a jar file, a zip file for Windows (with a launcher exe) and as a Macintosh disk image. There is also a version for the Sharp Zaurus (with phone keyboard layout).

I have moved the page to my other ISP, at http://home.tiscali.dk/gdegnbol/stak. It is now possible to download the programs via WAP directly
to a (Nokia) phone, from http://home.tiscali.dk/gdegnbol/stak/index.wml



I own a 6310i Nokia phone. I tried to download your file, but there is an error message "file is too large to be downloaded".

Can you help in this sense ?

Thanks in advance !


That is strange. I just checked again, and it works on my 6310i. Did you download the one labeled "Nokia 6310i"? Only the simple version (Stak) works on the 6310i, the other (Stak16) is too big.

If you got the right version, I'd like to ask about the firmware version of the 6310i (press *#0000#). Mine is 5.50. There might be small differences between firmware versions, and my 6310i midlet is just below the 30K maximum. If this is the problem I will see if I can squeeze a few more bytes out of it.

Another possible problem is a limitation in the WAP gateway. The error I get when I try to download one of the other versions is simply "File too big" (after switching the phone to english messages), as an error message from the phone. Does the error message look like a WAP page or a phone error message?

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