Solver advice needed


I want to chose a calculator witha powerful solver. Can you give me some advice?


Well, firstly, are you doing business calculations or science calculations? Also, do you prefer algebraic-type entry, or RPN?


Any. I just want to select a calculator with a very good solver.


In my opinion the HP-17BII/19BII have a very good solver inside with some useful things. Both are financial calculators, but the 19BII has also a rich set of scientific functions. But both are not 'real' programmable, and they are not the cheapest. For a description and an example of the solver look at .
The HP-32SII also contains a solver, it's a scientific calculator, with the ability for real programming. The solver is a more simplified version, but it is possible to define a programm as a function (the [FN=] - key). And the 32SII is not so expensive.
And at last I know the solver of the HP-49G, there are some powerful tools for solving equations numeric and symbolic, solving equation systems, differential equations etc... - the highest power for the highest price ;-)
Hope you find the right tool, with best regards



OK, well you should know that the calculators have different functions, so if you need those functions, you have to get that calculator. I agree with Kynes that the 19BII is a slick unit if you want a good solver AND both financial and math functions. Keep in mind, the 19BII is a financial calculator and does many things, but it does not do super heavy duty math or statistics. That solver is probably one of the best and easiest to use.



I think that the solver on the 100LX/200LX is the best one that HP has ever come up with. It has many of the scientific function, all the financial ones and integrates with the built-in Lotus 1-2-3 program. It's also extremely fast, has built-in help and is simple to use. It's too bad that they stopped making the 200LX, but they're easy to find on ebay.



The Solver on the HP200 is the same as the HP19bII with the addition of the Lotus 123 interface. Just extra info.


i will second the 200LX as an excellent solver. most of the basic data reduction and design programs of my 41CV have been ported to the 200LX solver.

i know this is primarily a vintage calculator site, but is there any interest in adding a 200LX equation library to the software archives? there is a collection at, but there's always room for a new one if it will attract useful/interesting programs.


The LX-100 / LX-200 are fine machines indeed. I had a LX-100 which somebody took from my car two years ago. Now I just bought a mint condition LX-200 from a friend, it is almost new!

Its calculator application is very good. I remember I could not believe it when HP announced the LX-300 series (Windows CE instead of DOS) and DIDN'T included any reasonable calculator application!


Although many folks seem to not like the hp48 series, I have found the Solver application on my SX to be very simple to operate and use it frequently at the office. The number of equations that can be stored for later use is almost limitless and the menu-driven subdirectory memory system makes finding what you want easy. In addition, there are many shareware programs out there that can add additional functions. The best part for a potential buyer of a 48 series is that they have not achieved "collector" status on eBay yet and can be purchased quite reasonably, especially the older S and SX models.

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