Mouse (cusor) freeze-up


The mouse (cursor)freezes up frequently. I have replace the mouse twixe and it does not correct the problem. Also, drops ISP connection when freeze-up occurs. Does not happen when off-line. I have a HP Pavillion 7840.


Reload your windows OS. You really can't expect to get reliable help here. Really wrong forum. I'll be surprised if you find your way back.


Sell it and buy an HP 32sii calculator.




I really must admonish the rudeness shown to a person asking an innocuous, if misdirected question.

Mr. Wert, my apologies simply as just one of the calculator nuts on this forum. See, this is really, strictly a HP calculator forum.

Still, let me recommend that rather than investigating the mouse, check the drivers (little programs that come with Windows that tell your computer how to communicate with a specific device) for your modem, since you mentioned an ISP. (I assume you are using a 56k modem.) Worse, the modem itself may be bad.

However, sometimes, it is either the telephone company furnishing the actual lines and connections and they are not maintaining it properly or the ISP company booting you offline because of bandwith crowding.

But since you mentioned cursor freezing, I suspect it might be either the modem itself or its drivers. But I am no expert; I recommend that you go to HP's own site:

and navigate over to their support section for PCs and just follow their instructions. They aren't so bad when it comes to answering PC customers' tech questions.

I wish you well in your effort to fix the problem.

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