HP15 Statistics problem


If I enter a number and follow it with with the <summation+> key I get "error 3". The same thing if I enter <gold F> < clear reg>. It appears that my machine has forgotten how to calculate mean, standard deviation, etc. Is there a fix?


If you press f MEM how much registers it shows on the rightmost number? I think that if you haven't at least 7 storage registers the statistics doesn't work. I need to read again my user's manual, but I think that "Error 3" is memory error (not enough registers).

If this is correct, you need to redimension the storage registers. Place the number of registers (at least 7!!) and press f DIM (i) .

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Nelson is right -- do as he says.

As indicated on the back plate of the HP-15C (see table with capital Sigma on left side), statistical summations use numbered registers 2-7. So, highest-numbered register allocated for use from free memory must be at least 7. (BTW, registers 0 and 1 can never be deallocated.)

The "MEM" command will identify the present highest-numbered allocated register as the leftmost number displayed by the command.

Error 3 (as shown by the ERROR table on the back plate) indicates an attempt to use a register (R?) or array element (Aij?) that has not been made available by the "DIM" command.

-- KS

Edited: 29 Sept 2004, 10:29 p.m.

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