Long live the HP-28S on my Ipaq !


Hi all,

Now that I have so many calculators emulated on my Ipaq (namely: 41CX, 12C, 15C, 10BII, 42S, 28S, 27S, 17BII, 48GX, 49G) !, I had to select one for daily use...
The winner is: the 28S !! The emulation through Emu42 and Erik's nice bitmap and KML is very nice and makes the best use of the PocketPC screen; the major reproaches to the 28S (not optimized for one-hand holding, horrible battery compartment, lack of I/O, poor display) are irrelevant to the emulator, which fits both sides of the 28S nicely on the screen, which a clear, readable, full-size display. I can easily load text strings, objects, and create multiple instances of the calc.
I also found out that I liked it better for simple use than the 48: the 28 has many of the 48 features, but is simpler, with a less crowded keyboard, has catalogs, a display that is actually larger than the 48 (it can fit one more character, and display as many stack lines as the 48 using the 'toggle' button). Program editing is easier with the dedicated arrow keys in alpha mode. It is most sufficient for what I do, i.e. play with RPL and makes standards computation, plus equation solving. I don't care about large graphics, I/O (this is addressed by the PocketPC), time functions (the PocketPC does a better job than the 48 at that !), equation editor (ironacally, the 28S is faster with its 'FORM' menu than the 48 with its fancy equation editor). I would like a matrix editor, though, but not that often - the infinite stack + ->ARRAY command can create a matrix pretty efficienly.
I like it also better than the 42, for its equation feature, and better than the 27S, for its direct alpha keyboard.
I rediscovered RPL and I am surprised to see that, unlike a commun opinion here ("RPL is heavier than RPN and forces you to learn an overkill object-oriented languages"), RPL does actually uses less keystrokes than RPN for common operations such as loops. The use of 'FOR NEXT' structures, I believe, is actually more intuitive for newcommers to programming that labels, counters and gotos...
Plus, the feeling to use the classy pioneer of RPL machines.
All in all - surprising that the "winner" is what this underrated calc, perceived as cute, but more as a prototype of the 48.
Anybody agrees ? :)


Hi Vincent,

Great news on the 28S emulator. I would image it's a lot faster than the original.

I use the HP-42S emulator on my Axim X30 and am overjoyed with it. It's great to have so many options availabe on the PocketPC.

You mentioned a HP-41CX emulator on your Ipaq. I never knew one was available for the PPC. Were did you get it?

Thanks, Bill


Hi Bill,
Cf. the thread on "The other site"... as of today, I still don't quite understand what the problem is; I fully agree with the comments that both sites are great, and complementary rather than competing with each other; I visit both equally often. I hope it will be resolved one day...


Oops, did I miss something? You list 12C, 15C, and 10BII. For the later the only emulator I know is from "sebc", but the other two??? Where did you get the ROM files for an emulator??



I don't know about "sebc"'s emulator. What I was refering to is not emulators actually, but simulators of 12C, 15C, 16C and 10B/10BII by Lygea. See www.lygea.com. Hence, there is no need for ROM images. The simulators are pretty good, complete, and improve on the originals in terms of speed, memory, display, and alphanumerics display of key codes. Very good programs indeed.



see http://www.hpcc.org/calculators/10biiemu.zip



I would love to get an HP-28S: for collections sake.

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