HP-41 three column program listing


Hello all, I seem to remember seeing a procedure to print an HP-41 program listing in three columns via HP-IL to a Thinkjet printer. Can anyone help me find this procedure. Thanks and best regards, John Pierce


If I remember well, Extended IL ROM has a function about that.
I will check.



yes, the ExtIL functions MCPRP and MCLIST do that job.

AFAIR you can create a similar function yourself,

but it'll be easier to use the given ones;-)



dear John,

Yes - with EXT-IL ROM it is possible to print up to six columns. If you have no EXT-IL available, than take EMU41.

Your modern PC printer have a much better printing quality than the ThinkJet.

For EMU41 I create some software tools for setting left margin of paper, three column or six column print and last not least advanced HP-41 barcode print by using the SKWIDINK ROM....

Regards - Christoph Klug


Thanks to all you've been helpful. I don't have the EXT-IL ROM but I will try EMU-41.


AFAIK there is the Ext-IL ROM out somewhere...


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