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after picking up a 41-CX the other day and i need/want to program in the time and date. the 41-C manual i have does not say what registers are used.

i offered a surveyor a 100 bucks which seemed fair. it has the survey module and an memory module. my old 41-c served me faithfully for 20 years and died when one of the kids dropped it out of the truck.



To set the time enter the time in the format HH.mmss in the X Register and them XEQ SETIME. The same for the date. MM.ddyyyy the XEQ SETDATE. To change between 12/24 time use CLK12 or CLK24. To adjust the clock like at Daylight Savings or Standard Time enter the adjustment +/- H.mmss in the X Register and XEQ T+X. On the 41CX the SHIFT ON will display a running clock.

This will get you started. The rest of the time function names can be found in Catalog 2.


thanks richard! i am heaven with my new/old toy.

the CX came with an 82181A module but it won't let me use a SIZE function greater than 318. (do you think the memory module is bad or is the 82180 required to access the extended memory? )


Hi, Tom;

although the CX has some extended capabilities, the 319-register limitation for standard memory remains. The extra memory can be reached through X-Memory access. Try CAT 4 (CX and some extra ROM modules only) and you'll see a directory of existing files (if any) and the number of available register after the directory reaches the end. Or try XEQ EMROOM (CX only) to obtain the same value after CAT 4.

There is a lot more about the CX. If you have already used X-functions/Memory, you're actualy in heaven...


Luiz (Brazil)



The 41CX is equivalent to the 41C with 4 memory modules or the 41CV. The default main memory is configured as 100 storage registers and 219 program registers. The CX then adds the Time Module plus a few extras and the Extended Function/Memory Module plus a few extras. So the 41CX gives you 319 registers of Storage/Program Main Memory and 124 registers of Extended Memory. If you have an Extended Memory Module on top of that it will give you an additional 238 registers of Extended Memory. I look at Extended Memory as Offline Program and Data storage. You can store programs and data there, but you have to bring it back into the main memory to actually use it. If you do a Catalog 6 it should tell you what the total amount of Extended Memory you have. The base CX will have 124 registers 1 additional Extended Memory Module will give you 238 more or 362 register total. You can have a maximum of 2 Extended Memory Modules for a total of 600 registers in the CX.


Sorry it is Catalog 4 not 6. That's what I get for not trying it before I write it.


thanks. it's been 15 years since i have programed on an hp. the old 41-C book helps, but this forum will be a wealth of info. i was module poor way back when.......................


Do try to get the 41cx manuals. There's a lot of capability there that does not meet the eye. Although I seldom use my 41 for controlling equipment anymore, it is still my only alarm clock, it reminds me of appointments when I turn it on within a couple of days before the appointments, it tells me how long 'til the next alarm is due (if one is pending), and otherwise just gives me the time and date. This is all automatic upon turn-on. It's nice to be able to time- and date-stamp data you've collected, or even have the 41 turn itself on at planned intervals to take data from equipment and then turn itself back off until the next time is due.

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