Unknwown ROMs for HP-41


I got two 4K ROMs for HP-41:
(XROM 9)
(XROM 31)
If I understand the purpose of the first ROM, is there any documentation for both? Thanks.


I programmed C 1983 TRINH and SIMPLEX ROM into a Clonix41 and tested it.

C 1983 TRINH

NEWROM initializes a RAM page
y= XROM #
X= Page #

LOADP loads a program from memory to a RAM page after a GTO..
LOADPV does the same and 'privates' this program
X= Page #
ALPHA= Program Name

RVER? returns page n status
After ROM n, gives ROM n INTACT or ROM n BROKEN

PVIEW shows the remaining registers in program memory (?!)

BLKCAT follown by page # gives the ROM catalog

CODE cf. Zenrom, ...

DECODE cf. Zenrom, ...

Any idea about ROM name?
C for copyright, 1983 for year 1983 and TRINH, a Thai name?


Some functions require another ROM with XROM 20 and a (sub)routine named B EERST.
This ROM seems to have been made for stat' studying with columns printing.

To be continued ...

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In respect to the Simplex rom, I think to remember that PVIEW is the same function as VIEW, but then progammable.
Try to put the registernumber in the X-register and then execute in a programe the PVIEW function.


Dear Ronald,
I put pi into register # 99.
When 99 XEQ 'PVIEW',
00 REG 46
.END. REG 46
00 REG 46
and so on (?!)
Anyway thanks.

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