Recommendations for 11C/15C/42S emulation


I'm looking for an emulator of the 11C, 15C, or 42S with a skin that looks good in 800x600. I'd like it to look good when I project it in front of a class to teach with it from my Windows based laptop.

I've found a nice looking 11C emulator for the Mac, but not for Windows machines. The skins for the 42S look great but, while I have an HP-42S, I don't have access to an HP-48 to dump the 42S's ROM.

I've considered using an HP-48SX through EMU48, but can't find an S skin that looks good at 800x600. Oddly, I have found nice G skins.

Have I overlooked something? Is there a piece of software or skin out there that I've overlooked? It would be ideal if it were no-cost so that my students could grab it, too.

Fot those who've been through this before, would my time be better spent trying to locate an HP-48 so that I can do the 42S ROM dump or figuring out how to write my own skin for EMU48?

I've seen discussion that HP might release tht HP-42S ROM. Has a release data been announced?




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Did you see that one:

I prefer to modify the skins a little bit just to show it is an emulation. IMHO it's worth to find someone with a HP-48 to transfer your HP-42S' ROM.





I *definitely* need a break!

What was I thinking?! The skins for the 42S are among the best out there and two of the best of those come in two flavors, one of which is 800x600!

I went to do an "added in edit" and ended up Deleting instead.

I think it's time to call it a day and go home before I do some real damage, except that I've got a class of 70 to tend to. :-)

I'm now all set with the ROM and everything, as they say, is copacetic.

Funny thing is that, at the moment, I like the 42S emulator better than my handheld! (No, my 42S is NOT for sale! :-) )

Thanks for all of the advice and pointers.


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