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Hi, i have a HP-97 that i want to change the printer head. I just tried with the HP-41 external printer head but when i try to print, the printer move but nothing print on the paper. I verify all connections and the ohmeter says all it's right... SO why i get nothing on the paper? Is the 97 and the 41 pinter head compatible ( except for the wire connector tha is longer thant the 97)?

Than you for answering my question.


The heads are NOT electrically compatible. The '41 printer uses a high impedance head driven by a higher voltage than the HP97 head.


Thans for help... Is there a way to repair the head of my 97; two rows shows no resistance at all ant the third one is weak?



Unless the break is in the flex cable itself there is no practical way to fix it. Only source of replacements is another HP97/91/92.

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