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Hello, I was able to buy a used HP-95LX in good condition. Alas, there were no documentation like eg. Owner's Manual etc. acompanying the machine. Does anybody of you know where I can download the Owner's manual and other doumentation ? Any hint will be very much appreciated - thank you in advance


You may want to try the HP Palmtopper web site at:


While they don't have the manuals on-line, they do have a wealth of information about the 95LX and the 200LX. Plus they have the magazine articles on line - the early magazines (1991-) has lots of info on the 95LX and its use.

They also sell used copies of the manual.



Hi Bill,

thank you very much for your response - but isn't there a site where the manual can be downloaded without cost ?


I also recently received a HP 95LX, complete with User's guide (part number F1000-90003 Edition 8),two copies of the HP palmtop PC Accessory Guide, the HP95LX Quick Start Guide, Hp Deskjet 520 setup guide, PFS: Resume & Job Search Pro (TM) User's Guide, Accessories booklet, and also it came with a HPF1001A Connectivity Pack and the original AC adapter. It works fine. This is the first time I've researched the HP95LX on line so I don't have any info for you. If you do not find manuals anywhere else, I could posssibly give you the info contained in these manuals some how.


Hello Don,

thanks for your answer. You're really lucky to get a 95 complete with all these goodies you mentioned. I've done several Web-searches after my posting here but couldn't find any downloadable 95-manuals. I'm most interested in the specifications of the AC-adapter (volts, watts, and polarity of the plug) and in how to work with the 95 in DOS-Mode, e.g. is there a possibility to leave the shell which automatically starts at power-on. Or, if not, does it use any RAM or is it run directly from ROM ? Thank you very much in advance.




Hello Karl,

there are (at least) two ways to get into DOS mode on the LX series.

One is though the filer, which has a menu point for DOS shell.

The other way will go through the autoexec.bat file.

Theoretically a file like 95.exe or alike will have to be commented out,

at least on the 100LX/200LX there is a 100.exe (resp. 200.exe),

which lets you start the application environment if you somehow

booted to DOS only, which is possible on the 100LX/200LX

through the normal startup options.




Hello Raymond,

thanks a lot for your answer. I'm going to try it out.

Kind regards




I have the 95LX and a serial cable but nothing else.

I am looking for:

* A manual

* A copy of the file "SUNDRV.ZIP" to allow Flash memory

* detailed instructions on file transfer over the serial cable.




Life is pretty good for file transfers if you have the connectivity pack. Both the filer and drive access software are in the CP95. Otherwise, you are left with the built-in terminal software, which functions just like other old DOS stuff (uses Kermit, I think).

I have had no luck getting any flash drives to work on the 95. Only the SRAM card that came with it seems to work on the 95. I have several flash cards from 8MB to 256MB that work with varying success on the 100 and 200, but not on the 95. If you have a 100 or 200, the IR transfer works well.

I have a 95 manual, and would be willing to scan a few pages for email (it's thick!) if you have a specific question covered therein.




Hello Jim,

sorry for the delay.

I don't have that driver,

but maybe either http://www.palmtop.net

or http://www.hplx.net/

has it.




I know it's not what you are looking for, but let me tell you anyway that I've got a Dutch brochure. You can find a sample scan on

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