Meeting in Portland Powell's after HHC2004


Some readers of this Forum probably know that this coming weekend (Sept 25/26) the annual HP Handhelds User Conference (HHC 2004) is being held in San Jose. After this meeting, Dave Hicks and I (Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz, author of some books about HP handhelds) will be in the big Powell's in Portland (Dave's home territory). We'll be in the coffee area on Tuesday September 28 from about 11.45 till well after 12 noon and will be happy to talk about the HHC and about HP calculators in general.

If anyone is interested and can come, we'll be happy to see you. We can be identified by the HP handhelds on the coffee table.... Someone from the HP Corvallis calculator team might be there too.



Wlodek --

Thanks for the announcement. I'll plan to attend!

-- KS



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