spam from HP about 12C-Platinum


Interesting that I'd get spam from HP touting new 12C Platinum calc. I've included their agitprop below minus formatting (lines divide different page sections/blocks).

And it's in HTML. :(

Notice how they try to explain away RPN.

[They do have my email from past msgs awhile back to Fred Valdez & Lee Goh about what a _real_ RPN calc should look like/ perform/ endure. So that's prob where they got it from. You'd figure I'd be on the sci. calc list instead - but then, these are marketing droids.]

Bill Wiese
San Jose

Take a different approach to the same information.

The business world has counted on the HP 12C financial calculator for the last 23 years. This legacy of efficiency continues in the HP 12C Platinum. It allows you to switch easily between traditional algebraic and highly efficient Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)** data entry modes, so you can ramp up to RPN at your own pace and still have instant access to a familiar algebraic world.

You also have four times more memory to work with. That means you can program the HP 12C Platinum to calculate equations with up to 400 steps.

More features at the push of a button.

The HP 12C Platinum boasts over 130 built-in functions so you can quickly calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviations, cash flows, bonds, and much more. Combine this with a sleek, easy-to-use interface, and you'll see why the HP 12C Platinum calculator is the definitive choice for finance, banking, and real estate professionals.

The financial calculator trusted by millions is better than ever. Click here to see what the 12C Platinum can do for you.

The financial world's leading calculator offers more than ever.

Ready to boost efficiency in your day-to-day operations?

Grab the HP 12C Platinum financial calculator. It picks up where the 12C left off, with more power, more memory, and more features than ever before.

Buy now $104.99*

The 12C Platinum

Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Retailer prices may vary. Price is shown in U.S. dollars, does not include applicable sales tax and shipping, is valid in the U.S. only, and is subject to cancellation or change without notice.

**Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) is an efficient data entry system that can significantly reduce keystrokes. More information is located at

• Efficient RPN** and traditional algebraic data entry

• Calculate TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds, amortization, depreciation, and more

• Four times more memory, allowing for programming of up to 400 steps

• Over 130 built-in functions

• Permitted for use on the CFP® and CFA® Certification Exams***

• A sleek, updated design with a platinum face


***CFP® is a registered trademark of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
CFA® is a registered trademark of the Association for Investment Management Research.

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I got that too. This is the first time that I can remember receiving anything from them. They must be desperate to get rid of these 12C Platinum's.


Hi Katie

(BTW Your 41CX I bought is doing great :)

Actually my new sofa needs some better low-profile feet. Perhaps I should just buy a four-pack of 12C Platinums as 'skids' :)

Yes, I really got the feeling this was far more than an informational ad - almost like hyperpromotional schlock I get every week from Gevalia coffee.

IIRC, I got one of these about a year ago for a 48 or 49 calc. Again, it was direct from HP and not a distribution partner etc.

Bill Wiese
San Jose


Hi, folks;

I opened my e-box right now and I saw it. Would they use this forum's participants as a reference? I want not to think about this, because we're the last ones (most, most of us) they'd try to explain what is RPN and what is the 12Cp capable of doing... as if we do not know it already.

I actually did not understand the point here...

Any clues why us included???


Luiz (Brazil)


...HP sent me one too!

I feel like Steve Martin when he found his name in the phone book in "The Jerk".

I'M SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, Bill. For what it's worth... based on 19 customer reviews the 12c platinum currently has a rating of 2 stars (out of 5) on

Makes me want to run out and buy one! :(




I suppose you did sign up at

It seems to work even if the 'Submit' resulted in a "page not found".



No, they've got our email from when we purchased the 42S replacement unit on their customer service website....


Yep, same thing happened here. I sent off an e-mail rant to Fred a couple of years ago... been on the list ever since.


I sent off an e-mail rant to Fred a couple of years ago... been on the list ever since.

Let's hope it's not the "$#!+" list... ;-)

I have yet to convey to HP/Kinpo the fundamental shortcomings of their "new and improved" 12Cp and 33S models, but I have already posted some of the "beef" in this Forum.

-- KS

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