HP97 Card Reader Repair


Hi all you HP calculator specialits,

I read the article at www.rskey.org/hp97reader.htm on how to repair the HP97 transport wheel in the card reader. A very good article! I managed to do all the necessary steps.

My problem: I didn't find the right silicon tube. It seems that the inner and outer diameter as well as the hardness (40 shore or more..?) have to fit exactly. All the different tubes I tried didn't transport the magnetic card!

Question: Could anyone possibly send me a piece of silicon tube that works? I would appreciate that very much and could also send him some dollars to compensate for his expenses.

My address:

Mr. Martin Baumgartner
Ringstrasse 2
4556 Aeschi

Kind regards



you can buy them on eBay (seller waterhosko, very honest guy). I have still some spare O-Rings and will send you two.

Best Regards,


Hi Juergen,

Thanks a lot for your support. The two o-rings already arrived on my desk. Now it's my turn to bring them at the right place in the HP-97!

Best Regards

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