RPN calculator for J2ME phones


I have written NVC, an RPN calculator program for Java phones. The first version runs only on Nokia phones, other phones may be added later. An applet version is also available.

NVC is a simple calculator for everyday calculations, the kind of problems you might want to solve with a phone calculator.

RPN seems to be be a good fit to the limited keyboard of a phone, as it does not require alphanumeric input to be usable.

NVC has a number of unique features, such as multilevel undo/redo, noun-verb syntax everywhere (including memory and modes), editing of the X register, LastX have been replaced by a list of the last 100 arguments, configurable digit shapes (Arabic-Indic, Thai etc.) and unnormalized decimal arithmetic.


It's a nice idea. I have tried the applet and I would like to see the Enter function behave the same as HP RPN calcs.
Will it work on a Nokia 6310i ? I have a bluetooth connection to my PC. How can I load the app onto my phone to try it?


There is an option to make the enter function work as in HP RPN calculators: [2nd] [MODES] stacklift [CHANGE] (to classic instead of new). I prefer the RPL enter key, it seems more logical when you can see the entire stack.

Unfortunately, the program does not work on the Nokia 6310i. I started out with a 6310i, but it has a maximum program size of only 30K (the program is now 38K), and lacks left/right keys and the middle softkey. I gave up trying to make it fit soon after I got a 6230.

If it could run, you would use Nokia Application Installer (if you can get it to work) to transfer it.

I have addded a link to download the applet. When run locally, it remembers the state between runs. It also has a more usable 10 cols * 4 rows keyboard, mapped to the PC keyboard.


I have made a version for Nokia 6310i. It lacks editing, undo/redo, time operations, autodetection of decimal separator (defaults to US), and alternative digits.

Maybe I can squeeze 1 KB more out of it, then I can put the time functions back.


Thanks for the 6310i version, I will try to load it.

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