EMU42 on Dell AXIM X30 - Benchmark


Just got the new Dell AXIM X30.

Emu42 looks very nice on it and is very fast.

The benchmark that Erik has on his site runs in 18 seconds at maximum (624 MHz) processor speed.

Thanks Christoph for a great emulator and thanks Erik for your work in getting it released.



Hi Bill!

These are good news indeed! This means that it runs at more than 19 times the speed of the original HP-42S! I just looked at the prices for the Axim X30 at Dell's website; actually it seems to have a very good price/performance ratio making it very tempting to get one...

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

PS. And yes, I *know* I should fix the PRM? program on my homepage... just hadn't had the occasion to dig into it yet... :-)


Hi Erik,

>>PS. And yes, I *know* I should fix the PRM? program on my homepage... just hadn't had the occasion to dig into it yet... :-)

What's wrong with the PRM program?

For the test on the X30, I just loaded the PRM.RAW file and it worked great.

Unfortunatelly, I can't say the same about the X30. It's got the "refusing to turn on" problem. So they're shipping me a new one next week. Hopefully, it won;t exhibit the same problem. I really like the device - small & fast.



What's wrong with the PRM program?

There's some numerical instability causing it to give unreliable answers for numbers larger than 1e11...

Best regards,


A fix for PRM? has been posted my homepage. Many thanks to J F Garnier for both pointing out the bug and also providing the fix for it!

Best regards,

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


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