Packaging of HP Calculators


Is HP now packaging their Calc with plastic instead of carton boxes?


Yes, it appears so. I've noticed HP calculators sold at Staples in "blister packs" hanging on peg-board. No more boxes, or so it would seem. Although my 17BII was purchased two years ago in a box.

Does that makes the old calculator boxes even more valuable than they were already?



I confirm... All HP I see in Belgium are now for sale at large department stores on blisters, near the peeled tomatoes can...

They appear on folders close to steacks and pork ribs...

Though I recently bought a 19BII in a carton box...

But my last 49G was delivered under blister... small manuals, really I had not the impression of buying a wonderful tool, but a useful gadget...


A box is quite important. It certainly can give a better protection to a calculator than blister packs.


Yes, you are right. However, calculators are not the prized possessions they once were. They have moved into the cateorgy of "disposible goods", due mainly to their low price. Just like the disposible pen, lighter, razor, etc. We've turned into a throw-away society.

In addition, I would say that there is a very small profit margin in calculators, particularly today with chip prices so low. So manufacturers must cut costs where they can to make a buck on each unit. No box (or manual for that matter) is one way to do it.



But how could powerful calculators like HP48GX, HP49G shipped without manuals.(they are shipping these in blister pack too), these have lots of fuctions and tend to be more profitable so HP should provide a manual, at least. DO you agree?


Of course, I agree. A manual is nearly indispensible for a complex device like a 49G, 48GX, or even the 19BII. But printing and distributing the manuals is costly, so manufacturers have to think up other ways to do this.

I've noticed some manufacturers (including HP) have their manuals available for download from their web site. The manuals are usually a PDF formatted document, so the user can print his own.

For example:




by the way: does anybody know what the difference is between the black leather case for the HP-45 and the grey plastic case? Did one or both of them come together with the calculator, or did you have to buy them seperately?

Thanks, Frank.


How did we get on this topic? Weren't we talking about manuals?

Anyway, the leather case for the HP-45 fits the calculator itself. The plastic case is really a box designed to house the calculator, the black leather case, and charger. I think you got both cases when one purchased the calculator.



No, I'm not speaking about the leather case which just fits the calculator and which you get with every(?) HP, in various designs. I'm speaking about the case which holds the calculator and the accessoires (look for example at )



But they havent made a PDF format of HP48G and HP10B when they are distributing the calcs without manuals. I think HP should put the manuals on line before they ship them without manual, to make sure that customers can get a copy of the manual. And how about customers without a computer or printer or internet access at home? Should HP allow them to go to their office and get a copy when they bring along with their calculator and proof of purchase? So to make sure all customers are able to access to at least one copy?
Do you agree?
When they stopped using boxes they dont provide at lot of things they used to provide, for example, HP 48G and HP 10B is no longer shipped with leather case and manual. what can you figure about this?

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