Old-style vs. new 12C


After 18 years, 1 month and 7 days of regular use my 12C died today and I couldn't bring it back - display went crazy, keys wouldn't work, display went blank, etc. With prices as they are at the office supply stores, it made more sense to just buy a new one rather than try to get the old one fixed. However, the one I bought (for about half of what I paid on Sept. 3, 1982) is a bit of a disappointment. The blue labels on the keys are almost illegible because they are painted on a dull surface -- the old unit keys had a shiny plastic surface and the labels stood out sharply. Also, the vinyl case is flimsy and lacks shape -- the old one was almost like leather and fit snugly and uniformly. Old one was made in USA, new one in Malaysia. When did these design changes come about. By the way -- functions (and handbook)seem identical. Is it possible to find new old stock of the old model? Are there variations of current models available? Anyone else have the same complaints I have?


The HP12c production has moved at least three times, maybe more. My original was made in USA, but my second was made in Brazil (actually seems a bit better), but new ones are made in asia(which country I don't know). However buying a used one or looking to a store that may have older inventory is probably your best bet. Finding a good ole USA calc will be very difficult or you will be very lucky. I do like the layout of the 10c series and bought the 12c to save my 15c from abuse.

You might consider upgrading (functions not style) to the hp17b. It has much more capability than the 12c. Just a thought.


Have you tried to touch both battery terminals with a metallic object to discharge the capacitor. Some old HP that seemed to be dead or crazy, went back to life with this method.


Remove the batteries.

Short-circuit the calculator terminals to discharge internal capacitors.

Press the ON key several times without batteries.

Wait some time (quantity not defined).

Reinstall batteries and see if the calculator works.

If not, repeat with a longer wait in step 4

Good luck!


Tried it -- still no luck. I am afraid it's a goner. Thanks anyhow.


Tried shorting it out, to no avail.

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