41cx blanknut


I've definitely got a 41CX blanknut. Is it valuable or rare? Is it worth more than a regular 41CX?


It is both more valuable and more rare than a standard 41. It was produced in relatively limited quantities for vertical market applications, where companies would create their own programs for specific use of the calculator (generally on a plug in ROM cartridge) and provide the appropriate keyboard overlays.

That said, prices vary wildly with the demand and phase of the moon.


It also depends a lot on completeness. Do you still have the plastic cover over the the 2 switches (preventing switching to user/program mode, is the backplate and front sticker still separate or is it already put on the calculator, is the original box there, is it new or in a mint condition, does it has the plugin module for that special application they sold a blanknut ?

I have seen prices last half year ranging from 200$ to 300$.

I personnaly feel that the difference in price between C, CV or CX should be very little, the focus is the blanknut, the condition and the completeness of the package.

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