41 Series Battery Shield


I recently came across a 41 Series Battery Shield. It fits under the N-Cell holder to protect the calculator from leaking/corroding batteries. It's the first one I have seen. Have I just been asleep, or are they uncommon?



of course these small plastic pieces don't protect the calc from getting corroded contacts.

Instead, these 'shields' were meant to provide better
phyical contact between the battery terminals of the calc

and the poles of the batteries themselves.

And they were constructed to aid the battery holder preventing
to loose batteries when transported outside the calc.

These nice plastic shields were produced for a while in
quantities and shipped with the HP-41, but obviously abandonned,
maybe because of cost reasons,
or because the metallic poles of these little plastic helpers have somewhat too sharp edges,
and you're likely to damage your calcs battery contacts mechanically from them over time.



Thanks for your response, Raymond. I don't know how effective it is at protecting the calculator, but the instruction sheet that came with it, says, "Your calculator has been fitted with a shield to prevent corrosion damage which might result from leaking alkaline cell batteries." So apparently this was an original purpose, whether it actually worked, or not.


Cool, the same question I wanted to as this forum today. I also got such a shield two days ago and I never have seen this before...
Thanks Raymoned for your answer.


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