HP 29C stolen


What are these worth ? How much do I need to put in a claim for ? What is the closest thing that I can replace it with ?
Many thanx, M


Hi, Milton;

please, check here and you'll find the results from serious research. Also, track E-bay for prices.

One important thing: collectors searching for this model pay higher prices.

There is no direct replacement for an HP29C, mostly if you consider the Woodstock series (HP21, 22, 25, etc.). If you want a closer, more resourceful equivalent AND still a LED-display calculator, you can go for an HP34C. Or you can go for an earlier model and try an HP67 (bigger, in most aspects). If LED's are no trouble (despite of the fact he's not been heard around here for some time, I hope Norm does not read this...), the choices are even better: HP10C, HP11C, (a lot more resourcefull) HP15C, HP41 series, HP42S (rare and, in some cases, expensive), HP32SII (same).

Others will give you different suggestions, I guess, but I am trying to guess you used your HP29C as a scientific tool and that you needed programming and RPN functionality. BTW, is this what you want from a calculator?

Best regards. And sincere hopes that you find what you want.

Luiz (Brazil)


I don't know where you are from, but here in the UK most insurance policies replace new for old unless you specify certain items. This means you can only claim for a new item (i.e. available new) of equivalence. The nearest thing is going to be an HP33S.

If you can persuade the insurance that it's a collectable item then look for a working HP29C on 'epay'.

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