Digital ALPHA SERVER 400 4/233


I have an Digital Alpha Server 400 4/233 and it doesn't boot any more. I push the power button, it runs tests on floppy, hdd, cdrom and tape and then dies(it seems like it has no power). I don't have its monitor any more because it's broken. Can anyone help me in this matter? Thank you.


Try booting from a HP-49G+, perhaps this helps....

Sorry, but you are in a wrong forum. Try it in a horse racing forum!


Well ... this is the object I have ... and it's more than suitable for its future purpose. So if u can help me, please do so, but if u can't, why bother ...?

beware what u wish ... it might came true ... :))


"it's more than suitable for its future purpose"

Well if it's not booting up then perhaps it's future purpose is land fill or for recycling?

Seriously though... this forum is for HP calculators, not sorting out sundry computer problems - take a look at the other posts.


"Seriously though... this forum is for HP calculators, not sorting out sundry computer problems"

Well TOM ... Digital -> bought by Compaq ... Compaq -> bought by HP ... so if I have a problem with a computer from Digital, where do u think I should address? ... because u are such a smart guy ....


Well Sesse... can you tell a computer from a calculator?




You have a friend here on this site. Please come and see me in my office at Berggasse 19, Vienna, and we will talk all you want about the Alpha Server 400 .... and your relationship with your parents .. your very sad childhood ... and your addiction to be abnoxious!



Thank you for your complement. A short history lesson on this site:

Back in the 60's, 70's and 80's HP made calculators -> People liked them -> WWW became popular -> This site owner set up some web space in his own time and with his own money for those interested in HP calculators to obtain and share information and support each other -> Most people use the site within the reasonable rules ( he set -> You came along and seem to demand support for some equipment because it was once made by a company now absorbed into the HP group.

The link missing in all the above is any involvement of HP, Compaq or Digital in this site, or this site being involved with anything other than HP calculators.

As far as looking for answers try or search google groups for an answer, or put a question in a suitable listing in google groups, or perhaps there is a support group out there for DEC equipment.

If you want to talk about HP calculators on this forum then please do.

(PS I've missed out in the history the bit that says 'HP abandon their founding principles' - I think that happened coincidently about the same time as the WWW becoming popular).


Well Tom ... u've got me ... but u know ... it is an old one this ALPHA Server and I don't find very much about it on the net (something that can help me solve my problem). That's why I asked that question here, thinking that this site belongs to HP, not to someone else, which seems to be the case from your saying. Well then ... I will let u with your brand new hp's and I will try to find support somewhere else for my old bitch ...


I wish you good luck trying to find support for your ALPHA server but talk about "brand new hp's", at the moment in the Daily View I can see threads about HP41, HP45, HP25, HP29C, HP10. The newest can be 15 years old.


Sesse, I see no-one has really helped you yet. Try searching with Google or another search engine for a DEC user group near you. Originally it was called DECUS, but now it is called ENCOMPASS in some countries. In the US it seems to be called ENCOMPASSUS sometimes ...

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