HP-41 as Insulin Dosage Computer


Hi all,

I recently came across a programming manual for the "B-D Insulin Dosage Computer"(TM) from Becton Dickinson. The manual is from 1987 and issued by BD France and BD UK.

The computer is implemented on a HP-41 platform and from the pictures in the manual it appears that it features custom key-cabs.

My questions are: Can anyone provide me with more information about this product - e.g. was it ever put on the market and if so, when and where? Are you aware of any website with more information about this product? Has anyone actually seen this computer? - or even has one!

Best regards
Bo Kristoffersen


You must be new to earth!


New to earth? Do you perhaps have any information as to the BD Insulin Dosage Computer? Needles to say, I am not interested in information in respect of the HP-41 as such (I do have 3 of those).

BR, Bo Kristoffersen


You may want to check with Matthias Wehrli at http://www.hp-collection.org/. I believe he owns at least one of the modules as it's included in his .pdf module list. Hopefully he can help provide some additional details for you.

Best, Wilson


I have checked Matthias Wehrlis module list but I couldn't find anything resembling an "Insulin Dosage Computer" or anything related to BD.

Further, the "B-D Insulin Dosage Computer"(TM) appears not just to be a module, it appears to be a HP-41 with a fully customized keyboard, not an overlay.

Indeed, the "B-D Insulin Dosage Computer"(TM) also has a customized ROM module, which in the manual is referred to as a "IDC" ROM chip in port #1. I assume that the module carries this designation.

BR, Bo Kristoffersen


The module is mentioned in http://www.hp-collection.org/Modul%fcbersicht.pdf (see page 3).


Hi Bo,

I suspect you overlooked it. Visit the .pdf again and flip to page three. It's the next to last module (ROM) listed on page three. Also, you are correct in stating the Insulin Dosage Computer is -not- just a module (ROM). From what I can gather it's an HP-41 with a custom HP-41 plug-in module (the one listed on Matthias's .pdf), and a custom keyboard overlay. However, this is only my assumption from the little I've seen of it. It may be much more than this so I was hoping I could help by pointing you in the only direction I know that -may- be able to shed more light on the subject.

Best, Wilson

p.s. One afterthought... You can also visit http://home.earthlink.net/~kd4ace/HP.html which is Chris Catatti's old module sale site. Look at item 20 and click on the link to see the pictures. These may answer many of your questions. I believe most of his things have been sold, probably to Matthias who seems to buy just about anything related to HP calculators.

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Thanks a lot!
This was the kind of information I was looking for. I only wonder, is this the ONLY known to exist?
As appears from the manual I have, this product was intended for general use by doctors and diabetics, however, with this kind of product, often it turns out that there is no demand in the market such that only very few will be sold.
BR, Bo


It is an HP41 with a custom ROM module. They are not very rare. I have seen at least 10 sell on Ebay over the last couple of years... and they tend to go for cheap since they are not usually listed under "HP" or "CALCULAORS".

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