49g+ keyboard fixed?


From Comp.sys.hp48, a post by Joe Horn:

"GOOD NEWS! HP recently started putting the hp49g+ serial number on the
*outside* of the plastic packaging!

It's on the back side, near the top, next to the hole that's used for
hanging the package from a peg in the shop. I uploaded a photo of one
such serial number here:


It's a silver-colored sticker with black printing, same as the
calculator's *case* serial number, but slightly different (of course)
from the boot-sector serial number which is returned by the SERIAL
command (if typing SERIAL doesn't work, type 256 ATTACH and then try

There are a few other differences I've seen between my original hp49g+
and this new one, most notably FLAWLESS keyboard response (so far!
hooray!!!), nice tactile feel, and nice click.




I want to buy a 49g+ in one of the next weeks.
Is it important to know the serial number?



Only if you hope to get one that doesn't miss keystrokes. Search the newsgroup comp.sys.hp48 for numerous examples of this and other keyboard complaints with the 49g+.

My original, CN331xxxxx external, CN337xxxxx internal, missed lots of keystrokes, and some keys were much worse than others. The warranty replacement, serial CN402xxxxx external, CN403xxxxx internal, isn't so bad; it misses keystrokes only maybe 5% of the time typing normally (pressing just until I feel the click) and all keys seem about the same. Note that it doesn't miss keystrokes as long as I remember that it's a 49 series and I have to press "firmly" (until I feel the key bottom out). Maybe they've finally gotten it right with that serial CNA426xxxxx? In general, I expect that the more recent the serial, the better.

Does anyone know what the extra "A" in the serial is all about? Perhaps in case more that one plant or production line in a given country is producing calculators?


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HI James,

I have word from HP regarding the 33s, that the "A" is indeed a second manufacturing facility.

I believe we will also find that the difference in behavior with teh X<>Y key in ALG mode is consistent with the vatiation in factory----though I suppose we need to see if any new 33s machines come without the "A" (Walmart 1st release had no A).

Perhaps similar behavior is going on with the 49G+.

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