HP 20 S Calculator


I was searching for a copy of the manual for the 20 S. I did not see if listed on the CD purchase list.
Is there any information on this calulator?


The 20S is a discontinued model, but HP still has some helpful webpages for it. Try this link:



Until recently there used to be manuals on the HP site, but in Spanish and Portugese only. They seem to have disappeared. I once have copied the Portugese one, as it appeared that I could fairly easily understand it, although it were my very first Portugese words that I read.

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Any chance you could forward that copy of the manual to the email address? I could work through the lanuage issue


Happy to do so, but after having posted my message, I remembered that it is already available on my HP site. Perhaps more convenient to get it from there? (And, who knows? something more...)

And I am temporarilly in possession of a paper manual in Dutch, so if there's something specific, I might be able to explain from this one.


Can anyone tell me where I could purchase a HP20s?


Your best bet is probably eBay. The retail stocks of this calculator appear to have been exhausted. None of the usual suspects seem to have it in stock.


It seems they are setting up an online store, once finished you can try www.fixthatcalc.com. They had HP20S with english manual but no box.


Hey, try this link:


They say they have it in stock at an apparently REDUCED price!

I hope it works for you.

It's really a pretty good little calculator; the only thing I have against it is that there is no RPN mode in addition to ist algebraic operating system.


The Bull Cabinet seems to have one. Don't know with or without manual. If not, you may do with "my" Portuguese one.


I have several like new for $65 w/manual.

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