HP49G+ Conn4x errors


Ok, I plug in the USB cable, turn on the calc, start XModem, then start the Conn4X program. At that point, the Conn4X program freaks and says that it can find no calculator connected to my PC on any of the coms, or the dedicated HP49G+ port. It connected once, then it suddenly disconnected. Both before and after this one split second connection I have received errors telling me no device is connected. What is going on?? Can anyone please help? HP is about useless to try and get ahold of.


Are you trying the latest Conn4x from
HP website
? If not, then try that.

If you still have a problem with the current Conn4x, you may have better
luck by posting a question to the newsgroup comp.sys.hp48. Conn4x's
author sometimes posts there, as does



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Thanks guys, saying other a million times worked. Also, the tech said he has no idea when ROM 1.24 is going to be released.

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