New Datafile article


Hi all,

Just came back from my summer holidays and after
checking the mail I've noticed that one of my articles
has been published in the latest issue, V23N4, of
Datafile, the HPCC club magazine, namely the one titled
"HP-71B Modest Mater".

It is a 12-page article featuring a program for the HP-71B which solves
classical chess problems of the Mate-in-N-moves kind.
The program is laced with in-line comments and is described in the
article in full detail, with some interesting examples included, namely a nice, sacrificial Mate-in-2 and an awesome Mate-in-3 which I dare anyone to try and solve without looking out the printed solution (or having the program solve it instead !).

If interested, you can download the program listing
in text format from the HPCC web site, using this link,
and the resulting text file can be entered either
manually or electronically into a physical HP-71B or else
in one of the great 71B emulators out there, such as Emu71, created by Jean-François
(which was actually used to enhance and test
the program prior to its publication and runs at 25x-30x the speed of a real 71B), available for free from here, or HP-71X, the one for the HP48/49 series by Hrastprogrammer, which offers full portability and 2x-3x the speed of a real 71B, full details here.

Hope you'll like everything, article, program, and emulators ! :-)

Best regards from V.

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