New learning modules now online for 9s, 9g, 12c, 12cp, and 10bII calculators


Nearly 120 new learning modules are now available online in PDF form at

Modules for the HP30S will be posted soon.

These modules cover many different types of problems users encounter.

These were developed by three regular HP Museum posters, Luiz Vieira, Jordi Hidalgo, and me. :-)

10BII Files:

12c Files:

12c platinum files:

9s files:

9g files:

Note that there are still a couple of holes for a few of the models, but these will be filled in soon.

If (gasp!) you notice any errors, please let me know. :-)

Enjoy. Hope these are useful!


Hi Gene,
Last month I downloaded all the 30S modules, there were 13 of them, plus the manual. Why were they pulled, and what will be the difference when the new ones are posted?

Mike H


There were modules for all these machines before too.

They are being updated.

There will be more of them covering more topics than before.

If you have the ones from last month, you can compare the format to the new ones posted today for the 9S.

Topic list between the 9S and 30s are going to be very similar.


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