"Amazing RPN Scientific Calculator based on the HP32SII" it says on this site, but the accompanying picture shows...... Well, the buttons and logo are familiar, but the rest...

(The files date from 2001; thus this peculiar version of HP's may have been discussed before.)


Well, that's a simulator, i.e. a piece of software to run on your PDA. There are quite some different simulators available in the web. It will depend on your type of PDA what you may use. I am pretty content with "MathU Pro" on my Palm m515, but a real 3D HP calculator is another world. Just the touch ...


it's a simulator

I know, and as it is a Shockwave program it will run on other things than PDAs as well. But I interpret "based on" to have any resemblance with the real stuff. I failed to spot it.

But who cares? I've got two real devices of my own. :-)

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