So, who's coming to HHC2004 in San Jose? I am!


Let's make a list. Who's coming?

Gene Wright


I am planning on it also. Bringing along the survey instrument for show and tell.


I'll be there.



I will be there ... looking forward to meeting you, meeting new friends, and seeing old PPC friends.


I think I might as well. What sort of strange people are my fellow collectors? I've never actually met anyone else in person.


I'm planning on being there.

One problem is that Yom Kipper (the holiest Jewish holiday) is on the 25th, so I can't make it till that evening.

It's like it was scheduled for Easter Sunday for Christians.


Since it's so close i can't miss it.
But how will we recognize each other?
Wait, I know; let's all wear pocket protectors!

Or not.


Just look gor members of the Borg roaming the hotel corridors ... can't miss us ...... <smile>

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