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I'm looking at ordering either a Clonix41 or NoVram from Diego. I'm a recent 'returnee' to the HP41CX scene so need some advice. In view of the fact that the NoVram is, in effect, a superset of the Clonix41 - is it better to go for the that module - even if I don't use the RAM element at first? Secondly, what are the top recommended modules I should ask Diego to install first time (PPC Rom, Hepax etc). I've just started Synthetic again (after a 20 year gap!!) and want to dabble more.I'll also get the pic programmer module so that I'll be able to mod or add later as I get a better understanding. All advise warmly welcomed.


Since I've a similar gap in using HP intensely, may I ask: WHAT IS CLONIX?? Where should I look for information? Thx in advance for an hint or a patient explanation (I hope I'm asking this question for 10 people at least).


Check out for more details and be amazed. Then check back to hope that some recommendations have come through on this thread.



depending on your needs, you can choose between the Clonix

(24K 'ROM') and the NoVRAM (24K 'ROM' + 16K RAM) .

To keep the description short and simple:

The Clonix emulates an EPROM box, which you have to fill

via the burner and it's accompanying PC software.

The NoVRAM has 24K assigned as 'ROM', to be filled like the Clonix,

*and* 16K RAM, which can be directly filled via an HP-IL device.
For these pages, there's no need to use the burner.

The NoVRAM is preloaded with the HEPAX, which has functions covering all topics,

like saving/restoring data from and to the RAM pages,

machine language programming, utilities, and much more.



Hi Mark,

I have both and cannot say one would be better than the other. I've found that I prefer to keep a CLONIX on hand that has Turbomax (8k), Sandbox (8k), and PCODER (4k) resident. I also like to keep my one and only NoVRAM with HEPAX-1D resident so as to help me learn its many, many useful functions. I also have a second CLONIX which is fully dedicated to dabbling with other third party images when the mood strikes me.

If I were to choose only one I would surely opt for the NoVRAM as I believe it provides the most flexability. In any event, both the CLONIX and NoVRAM are "SUPER FANTASTIC" products. I'm sure you'll come to agree the minute you begin using whichever one you decide on.

Best Regards, Bill


Hi all,

Sorry for being so late... (too little time, too much job... :-( and thanks, both newcomers and current users of those pretty new toys, for your interest -to the former- and for your kind words -to the later-.

Mark, I've mailed you with some info and relevant links. Please let me know if you find it usefull and/or need any further details.

Walter, your questions are welcomed (and I'd also like you to make it for *at least* 10 people ;-)) fell free to mail me (removing "HATESPAM") to the address above, and I'll try to fill any gap in the somewhat difussed Clonix/NoVRAM available info:

First step has already been pointed out by Mark: take a look at my (ugly) web page.

Next, download the Clonix manual from "The Other Site" (aka "TOS"), a simple search for Clonix will lead you to the relevant pages and this document really explains what a Clonix (and basically NoVRAM) is.

Finally, if you're interested in keeping track of the whole history, (some nice info is also here) make a search on the Forum archives for "Clonix", "NoVRAM" or simply "Diego". You'll find a bunch of helping contributions/questions from other users and even some tech info not available elsewhere.

Again thank you all, and best wishes from the Canaries.


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