I finished emulation of the hp55. Photos and hardware description will follow.
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My goodness ! Stunning !!!! - so next - thinking let's 'fillet' a 41c and replace all the inards (apart from the LCD and that Perfect keybord) with your pic or two running emulation with USB I/O and boot for the modules/pacs etc. ooops I woke up!! Keep pushing the boundaries you're nearly there.


I woould like to emulate a HP-41, but its rom-firmware is too big to fit in the pic. I might use an external eeprom, but some other people are planning an emulation of the HP-41 too (on other hardware). If we could get a Hardware definition, we coould work together.


Hi Klaus,

Sounds very interesting. I was thinking very directly about using the original HP41 casing (ie from non working cheap sales from eBay). Though I'm sure the next part will sound like heracy - use case, Keybd, lcd, battery - instead of standard i/o modules replace with mini-usb. This gives enough room in the case for more Ram, more Flash Rom, two pics (one for display, keyboard and USB - one for 'mainframe' emulation). Replace the back exp ports with 'blanking plate' with the mini-usb port. Reasons, HP-IL dead, I'd rather connect directly to a usb modern printer and my PC/Mac/Palm/PocketPC/Mobile Phone/ USB Storage key. I've had an HP48 since blowing up my 41 at Uni (yes, one internal Rom too many 20 years ago) and it's too big - using a 41cx again has made me realise how great the form factor was! I'd be interested to see what the OTHER Hw proposals where as I've not seen much except Xpander type projects (keep them I've got a a Palm/Pocket PC already). THe great thing with Diego's Clonix/NoVram is the it uses the original Form factor. As an aside - a quicker project might be to get an additional mini USB module (sitting in a rom pac) working in tandem with Clonix/NoVram - would that work Diego?


There is no such thing as a cheap non-working HP-41 on Ebay. Even units run over by a truck then eaten by a goat bring over $50.


True David - but we can live in hope !! The beauty of the 41 series to me was always the form factor (and of course, the expansion and those perfect button clicks). Retro-geek-restyling is always cool - just look at to see the wierd stuff on there. I'd love to think that Klaus, Diego, Richard et al could redefine and 'soup-up' the 41 without loosing the form factor - HP41 'Hot Rods'. I'm restarting at Pic and HP41 '101' at the moment but learning fast (and still trying to find time for moving from home in London to Australia !!). Still kicking myself for throwing out my old trashed 41c four years ago. Finally I'd say that even $50 + new 'mainframe' bits ($100-$150???) would make it really worthwhile. Satisfaction of doing my first 'gummy wheel' repair last week was great fun!!

Vassilis - I agree with Wifi/BlueTooth etc - but the key thing today is that USB support on PIC is easier and quicker to impliment with some of the new PIC chips - and it's obvious that many people on the forum have stuning experience with PIC already. Also, Wifi power consumption is horrific, Bluetooth still is an interchange pain - the reason I suggested Mini-USB was that so many devices connect with it already and cheaply today.


The HP41's parts tend to be worth more than the whole! Battery pacs $30+, port covers $5+ each, contact assemblies (I've seen some true idiots pay over $100), case backs $20+, case separators $10+, soft cases $20+, display modules $40+, CPU cards $50+. You name it. A perfectly good fully working machine is only $100-$150 depending upon model.


just look at to see the wierd stuff on there

Thanks for that link! There's some cool stuff there; some of it reminds me of the Graymark kits I used to build in high school electronics shop class over 30 years ago. I still have the Graymark "resistance substitution" and "capacitance substitution" boxes I built somewhere around 1969... I just found the Graymark website and it's good to see that they're still in business and still carry a lot of great kits (including the substitution boxes I mentioned above!).


Mark Murphy wrote:
> Replace the back exp ports with 'blanking plate' with the mini-usb port.

I'd avoid wired interfaces. Why bother with wires and the physical strains they impose on the connectors and case.

I'd go for smth line bluetooth, or WiFi. The chipsets are getting cheaper by the day (e.g. most high-end cell phones have bluetooth, while high-end digital cameras are now including WiFi).



When that would really be a psusical product

the UWB is also ready...


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