HP-85 emulator


I see someone has one for sale:


I'll have to make contact with the seller!



The program only simulates the HP-85 and supports the most essential (?) BASIC commands. Anyway, if you can find out more detailed specifications, let us know.

There was a guy (sorry, do not remember his name) who started to write a real HP-85 emulator. Any progress?

Regards, Juergen


Oliver De Smet is currently working on a series 80 emulator with good progress. You may download the actual release from my web-side at: http://www2.akso.de/files/series_80/Emulator.



Thanks for the link! I downloaded the simulator and it really works great. I used to own an HP-85 and then an HP-87. So the simulator brings a lot of good memories. I like the fact that you can simulate the Matrix ROM.

I did buy the german HP-85B simulator today. I am curious to see that one work too.

It's nice having simulators for these machines without having the machines themselves (due to space limitations here).


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