HP49G+ I/R-Problems


I am a long time user of a HP48GX. Today I have received a brand new HP49G+. Playing around with the beast I was absolutely unable to transfer anything via I/R. I have defined the flags to use I/R transfer. No way to transfer data to/from the HP49G+ to the HP48GX.
The same problem while trying to print from the HP49G+ to a HP 82240B (I/R-Printer). The HP49 shows the printing symbo, but nothing happens on the printer (it works well with the HP48).
Any ideas?


The 49g+'s IrDA doesn't work with the "old" 48 series "Serial IR". To transfer between them, you'll have to use your computer as a go-between.

You should be able to print to the 82240B as long as flag -34 is clear (Print via IR), but the range has been drastically reduced. About the best I've been able to get from my 49g+ is 3 inches. Try it really close to the printer's IR window.



That's it, thank you :-)


The wavelength of IR has changed on HP49G+ , so no more communication available


It is IrDA. So it won't connect with older hp calculators. It will however, connect with any IrDA enabled device such as a cell phone. The sending range is only effective up to 3-4 cm away though.

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