HP45 keyboard repair


You replied to an ad that I posted, regarding the repair to a HP 45 that I have that has the strips on the keyboard cracked. You suggested soldering the strips.
But what kind of soldering do I do or use, as I have never done this before
Thanking in advance again


Normal Solder, used for electronic component soldering will do. Make sure the surface is clean (degrease and carefully with very fine abbrasive paper).




As I mentioned, any classic has the parts you need to repair a bad key strip.

I've found that using a small twist drill (1.5mm) in a hand vise works well for drilling through the spot welds. Once all the welds have been opened, the entire strip will fall off, hopefully undamaged and straight. Remove the defective strip for practice, then the replacement. When choosing the replacement, remember the lower four strips are different than the upper strips.

Position the replacement carefully and use the small holes you drilled to solder it in place. Any 60/40 rosin core electronic solder will work. Clean well afterwards as flux may have migrated to the contact areas. Work from the middle to the outside to prevent warping due to expansion during soldering.

You can replace a single key if you cut it out of the strip with a sharp knife but it might be easier to start with a complete strip. Your choice. I replace singles rather than entire strips.

Good luck and post again should you have any questions.

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